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These statistics prove two things to be true:
Telecommuting continues to become Employees in the United States are more common in the United States. interested in working remotely, even if
only part of the time.
Reasons to Use Instant Messaging
At this point, you realize that working remotely is the wave of the future. With a growing number of companies moving in this direction, it’s important for each organization to have a clear plan for internal communication.
Instant messaging fits this need, as it allows coworkers to communicate in a real-time and efficient manner.
Here are some of the primary reasons why instant messaging has become the number one communication tool among companies with a distributed workforce:
Everyone can get involved. With an IM application, it’s simple for every employee, regardless of location, to converse with others. By creating a private network, everyone in the company will have access to everyone else.
High level of features. The “backbone” of instant messaging is the ability to send and receive text based messages. However, these applications go well beyond this. An example of this is video chat. With this feature, users have the opportunity to see each other while they communicate in real time.
When you combine these benefits with the growth of distributed companies, it’s easy to see why instant messaging will remain a popular platform for internal communication.
There will always be companies that fight against letting employees work remotely. However, there is no denying the fact that the telecommuting trend continues to grow with each passing year.
Thanks to the use of technology, there is no reason to believe that this trend will reverse at any point in the near future.
Real-time communication. Email remains popular, but the problem with this is that people are not communicating in real-time. The same cannot be said about instant messaging, as every message is sent and received without delay. This allows workers to communicate as if they are in a face to face environment.


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