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The Research on Working Remote
There is a sufficient body of research about the effectiveness of remote work/work-life fit programs. The findings are consistent.
Companies that implement flexible remote work arrangements believe they benefit from:
• Increased productivity;
• Decreased employee turnover;
• Increased ability to attract talent;
• Decreased sick days;
• Decreased overhead;
• Reduced environmental imprint.
Employees say:
• They are more productive and get more work done.
• They appreciate the flexibility.
• They are happier because they enjoy the flexibility.
• They feel more valued than those in the office.
• They feel it is beneficial to their family and their well-being.
• They have increased job satisfaction.
Over all, when people work from home, they start earlier and take shorter breaks. Contrary to popular opinion, they do not run errands at lunch and they work until the end of the day.
The Three Types of Remote Work Arrangements
There are basically three types of remote work.
• As-Needed Remote Work – Someone who needs to work from home on an as needed basis or a company emergency situation, e.g., a sick child or a snow storm.
• A Flexible Work Arrangement – someone who works from home part of the time on a regular basis.
• A Remote Worker – someone who works from home 100% of the time. As-Needed/On-Demand Remote Work
Every company faces a number of attendance issues. They can range from:
• Office power outage
• Inclement weather
• An employee is ill
• An employee has a sick family member

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