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SSR Mining Case Study
Know when others guessTM
Company Background: SSR Mining Inc. is
In 2016, SSR Mining began
looking into a commercial drone mapping
solution for its mining operations in North
America. Towards the end of the year,
Identified Technologies offered a fully
managed solution that could provide
accurate information in a short period of
time and the flexibility to get survey grade
data for a wide variety of areas.
Key Benefits
SSR Mining recognized
several key benefits of the Identified
Technologies software, including: cloud-
based remote access, quick data
processing time, increased accuracy
versus manual surveying methods, and
a Vancouver-based mining company
access to unlimited flights.
focused on the operation, development,
exploration and acquisition of precious
metal projects. SSR Mining has three
operations, including the Marigold mine in
Nevada, the Seabee Gold Operation in
Saskatchewan, Canada and the 75%
SSR Mining also used a drone to decrease
the frequency of its regular site aerial
surveys. A drone provides the capability
to survey sections of the property where
there have been changes on a regular
owned and operated Puna Operations
basis, making it possible to extend the
joint venture in Argentina.
period between comprehensive flyovers
up to 3 years reducing overall cost.
Additionally, SSR Mining has two
feasibility stage projects and a portfolio of
exploration properties throughout North
cases for drone technology used by
and South America. The Company is also
Identified Technologies. Surveyors are
focused on growing production and
updating the topography of the mine site
mineral reserves through the exploration
every week to measure mining progress,
and acquisition of assets for accretive
SSR Mining found a wide variety of use
and mine operations is using 3D models in
growth while maintaining financial
meetings to assist with analysis
work. Many departments at the mine site
Identified Technologies
6534 Hamilton Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206 USA
C2017 Identified Technologies. All rights reserved.
Questions? 412.307.5174

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