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2017 Instagram Guidelines
Instagram is a photo-based social media platform done exclusively on a mobile device. Unlike our other platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, where messages can be posted with or without a picture, all Instagram posts must be picture-based. However, the goals of our Instagram account are very much in line with our other platforms. Instagram can be used to promote work done by the organization or individual members, engage with followers and supporters, and find new audience members.
LWV Instagram Goals
• Promoting the good work that your League and other Leagues across the country are doing
• Sharing information on priority issues
• Engage with other people or organizations focused on the same policies
• Reach new audiences and increase engagements with new and existing supporters, including a
new youth-centric audience
• Highlight our history and our engagement in multiple significant moments in our last 97 years as an organization.
Handle and Bio
An Instagram handle is the name of your account. All local League handles should denote the organization and your location (ex: @LWVHartford). The Instagram bio is the short description on homepage and can elaborate the organization, our goals and your location. It is recommended that your Instagram handle and bio are similar and/or the same as the one used on your Twitter account.
Instagram’s main focus lies in pictures. All posts must include a photograph to be able to be shared on your page and with your followers. The type of pictures that can and/or should be posted is as diverse as the type of content shared on any other social media platform. Here, we can revert back to our goals and think: what types of pictures will help us achieve them? Posting a photograph of an event you or other League members are attending will help to raise our public profile. Creating or finding an easy graphic regarding one of our centric issues will notify our followers of our positions on policies while encouraging them to participate. Sharing a picture from the League’s history will solidify our place as a vital organization, both in past, present, and future.
With every post, it is encouraged to also write a caption (note: pictures can be posted without text on Instagram, though we dissuade you from doing so). Unlike Twitter, there is no
Instagram March 2017

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