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GREEN IDEAS brought to you by CDF Corporation
A New Era in Cosmetics: the Drive Towards Sustainable, Natural and Organic Growth
This report will detail the impressive sustainable growth seen in the cosmetic industry since 2008, its green trends and the pioneering eco-friendly packaging, manufacturing processes and global regulations that have permitted them.
It is essential for cosmetic manufacturers to be prepared when new trends emerge or gain popularity, as the industry has seen recently. When the price of oil was increasing at the speed the Antarctic ice shelf was depleting, a global movement began to influence the buying and living decisions of consumers. This movement, of course, is the green movement – an era heavily influenced by sustainable and environmentally-conscious decision making in an attempt to curb the industrial destruction the planet has taken for the past 150 years.
While this movement is much larger than just the cosmetic industry, consumers and manufacturers alike took notice. Over the past 2-3 years, sweeping changes are taking form throughout the cosmetic industry, from natural and organic cosmetic compounds that have replaced dangerous toxins, to manufacturing processes and new product developments that help sustain the environment throughout the production lifecycle.
Market Trends
The worldwide cosmetic industry’s annual revenue would make it the 30th
largest country in the world.1 With 1/3 of $1 trillion in annual sales ($333 billion2), the cosmetic industry generates more money than Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa or the entire United Arab Emirates.
The cosmetic industry is going green and has been for a number of years under the radar. According to Mintel, a market research company, eco-friendly and ethical personal care products are likely to be one of the biggest worldwide trends moving forward in the cosmetic industry.3 The major drivers of market growth, according to the Organic Monitor, are the “mainstreaming of natural and organic cosmetics, inward investment and growing consumer demand for green products.”4 The report continues to detail that by 2010, the market share for organic and natural products is expected to reach 10% in the United States4 leaving significant growth potential for eager manufacturers.
Many of the controlling businesses in the cosmetic industry have already acted on this potential. According to the Organic Monitor, L’Oreal is “eyeing further acquisitions since buying [organic cosmetic manufacturer] Laboratoire Sanoflore and The Body Shop in 2006.”4 Estee Lauder, under its organic brand Origins Natural Resources has recently launched a certified organic cosmetic line and Colgate-Palmolive acquired organic producer Tom’s of Maine. With participation from the largest cosmetic brands, this presents a unique opportunity for smaller, natural-based producers to gain recognition. More positive information-flow has been coming from chain retailers, including supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies across North America and Europe who have announced increased distribution of natural and organic cosmetics and increased investment from large cosmetic manufacturers, retailers, private and financial investors.4
Two breakthrough trends have established a unique positioning platform for natural and organic cosmetic products. The first, the move by many cosmetic manufacturers to fair trade, is following in the well-regulated footsteps of the food and beverage industry and should present a positive impact on the cosmetic industry, according to the market research company Mintel.5 According to the study, “in the United States, Latin America and Asia there is likely to be a rising number of fair-trade and fair-trade certified personal care products available on the market, with European companies tipped as being one of the biggest suppliers of such products to these regions.”5 Why is this important? Fair-trade means that “more and more food-based ingredients will be used to provide functionality in personal care products, for example super fruits with high antioxidant contents”5 as another method to further diversify the market.
The second trend is directly correlated to the first. In an industry long scrutinized for its chemical and toxic composition, many cosmetic manufacturers are beginning to transition to natural products as substitutes. Food-based ingredients have been a popular choice for transitioning companies. According to a Chemical Industry and News report, “2007's cosmetic headlines were inundated with fears about parabens, hydroquinone, lead in lipstick and other potential or known toxins. Of those who buy natural and organic brands, 45% said the main reason is because of their fear of chemicals in traditionally made beauty brands."6 The transition to organic and natural based cosmetic products has taken shape due to many contributing factors.

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