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European Scientific Journal April 2017 /SPECIAL/ edition ISSN: 1857 – 7881 (Print) e - ISSN 1857- 7431
Advertising for Natural Beauty Products: The Shift in Cosmetic Industry
Mara-Georgia Lixandru
(PhD candidate in Communication Sciences)
University of Bucharest, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, Romania
The following article aims to present and give an overview on the role played by advertisement for natural beauty products within the current social, environmental, and economic environment, taking into account the existing mechanism that regulates the current market and the way that the consumer is informed about specific products. Nowadays, the cosmetic industry returns to the “less is more” concept. As people have become increasing informed about potentially harmful chemicals in beauty products, they are learning to read labels of their skin-care products and cosmetics. Moreover, they have begun to recognize those substances less friendly to health and the environment, becoming more aware of what to avoid.
Keywords: Advertising, cosmetics, organic, beauty, marketing
The desire to achieve beauty and to have a longer lifespan has always been a natural tendency that both women and men possess. The main reasons for this fact, as proven by research in diverse fields such as sociology, archeology etc., are rotted in environmental conditions, lifestyle, mentality, and especially the instinct of self-preservation. Throughout the history of beauty and of cosmetology, there has been an essential relationship between different people and nature and their unlimited resourcefulness to find cures, lotions, potions, and paints for both health and esthetic purposes. Over time, women’s interest for beauty became more obvious, wanting to perfect themselves in order to be admired both by the opposite sex and fellow women. Beauty was a treasured concept in art, history, and literature, and many famous figures stressed with their thoughts and work the importance of beauty in every woman’s life. Madame de Stael, who was appreciated by her contemporaries for her knowledge and wits, once stated that she was willing to give half of her knowledge, in exchange for a beautiful countenance.

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