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Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences vol. 51, n. 1, jan./mar., 2015
Sustainability, natural and organic cosmetics: consumer, products, efficacy, toxicological and regulatory considerations
Bruno Fonseca-Santos, Marcos Antonio Corrêa, Marlus Chorilli*
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, São Paulo State University “Júlio de Mesquita Filho”, UNESP, Araraquara, Brazil
The interest in sustainable products has increased along the years, since the choice of products, packaging and production processes have a great impact on the environment. These products are classified by regulatory agencies in different categories, aggregating advantages to the product and increasing the demand by consumers. However, there is no harmonization in guidelines of these certifying agencies and each cosmetic industry formulates their product and packaging in a more rational way, which causes less damage to the environment. Many cosmetic products have in their formulation natural products that perform a specific biological function, but these products should be evaluated on efficacy and toxicological aspects. The aim of this article is to approach sustainability, natural and organic cosmetics, considering the consumer and the efficacy, toxicological and regulatory aspects.
Uniterms: Organic cosmetics. Natural cosmetics. Natural products/use in cosmetics. Sustainability. Cosmetics/regulatory compliance. Cosmetics/toxicological aspects.
O interesse por produtos sustentáveis tem aumentado ao longo dos anos, desde a escolha dos produtos, embalagens e processos de produção tendo um grande impacto sobre o meio ambiente. Estes produtos são classificados por agências reguladoras em diferentes categorias, agregando vantagens ao produto e aumentando a demanda por parte dos consumidores. No entanto, não existe uma harmonização nas diretrizes destes órgãos de certificação e cada indústria cosmética formula seu produto e embalagem de uma forma mais racional, levando a menos danos ao meio ambiente. Muitos produtos cosméticos têm produtos naturais na formulação que executam uma função biológica específica, porém estes produtos devem ser avaliados quanto a sua eficácia e toxicidade. O objetivo deste artigo é abordar a sustentabilidade, cosméticos naturais e orgânicos, considerando os aspectos regulatórios, do consumidor e os aspectos de eficácia e toxicológicos.
Unitermos: Cosméticos orgânicos. Cosméticos naturais. Produtos naturais/uso em cosméticos. Sustentabilidade. Cosméticos/conformidade regulatória. Cosméticos/toxicidade.
According to the report published by Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), human demand on the planet ecosystems goes beyond Earth bio capacity since late 80’s. In short, people are wasting natural resources at a higher rate than nature can actually regenerate. The report concludes that “(...) we are living further than our possibilities, and the choices we make today will define
*Correspondence: M. Chorilli. Departamento de Fármacos e Medicamentos, Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas, Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP. Rodovia Araraquara-Jaú, km.01, 14801-902 – Araraquara – SP, Brasil. E-mail:
the chances of our next generation” (WWF, 2008). It is necessary to develop the sustainability, so we can ensure adequate resources for the survival of future generations.
Sustainability, a word that is being more and more used by most of the industries, it has been responsible for the change in the behavior of consumers and companies, leading to new directions for the development of raw material and products, environment, people and waste management, improving the application of energy resources and consumer behavior (Brower, Leon, 1999; Adams, Jeanrenaud, 2008; Kates, 2010).
Based on these facts, in the last decades there was a rising of the interest on natural products and

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