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Certified organic cosmetics
Ecocert certified becomes
COSMOS certified
EN: Floraluxe is the solution for travellers who prefer first-class body care that matches their healthy and natural lifestyle. The certification, with the renowned COSMOS label, gives them the assurance that they are choosing the right product.
FR: Floraluxe répond parfaitement aux attentes des voyageurs qui recherchent des produits de soins corporels de qualité supérieure et adaptés à un mode de vie sain et naturel. Pour ce type de clients, la certification par le label reconnu COSMOS est une assurance supplémentaire de choisir le bon produit.
ES: Floraluxe es la solución para todos los viajeros que prefieren una cosmética corporal de primera calidad que se adapte a su estilo de vida natural y saludable. La certificación con el sello reconocido COSMOS constituye una garantía adicional sobre la elección correcta del producto.

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Montreux Cosmetics Swiss Inspired for whole body eco-friendly skin care solutions for healthy skin, repairing damaged skin, and overall whole body care. Organic extractions are from the Infinity Supercritical CO2 and Eco Water Extraction from the Infinity Sonic Extractor. Pure and natural. Good for the environment, and great for the consumer Swiss inspired Montreux Cosmetics Website

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