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Publication Title | Consumer behaviour towards organic, natural and conventional skin care products a pilot study AES BIOFLUX

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Consumer behaviour towards organic, natural and conventional skin care products: a pilot study
1Alina-Aida Drăgan, 2Dacinia-Crina Petrescu
1 Technical University, Faculty of Machine Building, Department of Management and Engineering, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 2 Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Business, Cluj- Napoca, Romania. Corresponding author: A. A. Dragan,
Abstract. The aim of this pilot study is to outline consumers’ profile in terms of their interest in organic, natural and conventional skin care, their knowledge about these products and the differences between them, their opinion regarding the performance and price of organic skin care in relation to conventional skin care. The survey used a self-administered questionnaire and was conducted on a sample of 86 customers from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The results indicate that consumers who purchase organic skin care products are usually female, aged between 20 and 40, with an income above 2000 lei (500 €)/month and a graduate diploma. However, the study reveals most of the surveyed consumers use conventional skin care, organic products being less sought after; the main reason is their high price. Moreover, there is a lack of information on consumers’ side regarding the difference between the beneficial effects of organic and conventional skin care, as they tend to believe that the two product categories are almost equally effective and beneficial to health. Consumers seem to be rather negligent regarding their own health, which is reflected in the very low frequency with which they read the list of ingredients on the packaging of the purchased skin care products. The study shows that consumers’ tendency to buy more certified organic skin care with eco-friendly packaging increases along with an increase in income and not according to their educational attainment. Here again comes to the foreground the issue of consumers’ lack of information and the need to develop a culture among the public that places health and environment on the first place in the decision-making process.
Key Words: consumer behaviour, organic, skin care.
Introduction. Today the market of organic products is growing at global level (Gurău & Ranchhod 2005). There is an increasing emphasis on organic products as the harmful effects of chemical substances on health have been scientifically demonstrated, a fact that influences consumers to lead a more organic life (Schifferstein & Oude Ophuis 1998; Verhoef 2005). The concern for health and beauty has increased also among Romanians, as the growing number of organic shops or green corners in more and more super and hypermarkets from all around the country shows. Experienced practitioners and specialists from the business environment share their knowledge and opinion about the development and future of the organic market. Thus, Messi Abdelaziz, the general manager of Ecocert Romania considers that the demand for organic food and cosmetics has the greatest potential in the next two to five years on the Romanian market (Bio Romania Association). It is expected that the organic cosmetic segment record the largest growth rate, presently a much smaller segment than organic food (Bio Romania Association). The general manager of Ecocert Romania says that “in a year, the cosmetic segment has grown enormously, from production to processing. It is productive because it is based on herbs and grains, which are processed in Romanian laboratories and then distributed all over the country. I find it strange. Normally, food is basic. A cosmetic product is not basic, but additional; however, I see that in Romania the efforts are more on this side” (Bio Romania Association). His opinion is shared by Radu Panait, the development director of the Radix organic line, who agrees that there is a strong upward trend on the organic cosmetic market in spite of the financial crisis, because women are more generous than men when it comes to purchasing organic cosmetics, the latter being more important for them than organic food (Bio Romania Association). The price
Advances in Environmental Sciences -
International Journal of the Bioflux Society
AES Bioflux, 2013, Volume 5, Issue 3.

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