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Cosmetics Helping you to make safe choices
Setting the standard
You may not think so, but some cosmetics can contain ingredients that are classed as hazardous.
In New Zealand, cosmetics (see page 2 for a general list) that contain hazardous substances are regulated under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms legislation. Manufacturers and importers have a responsibility to ensure the products they sell in New Zealand meet the standards that have been set.
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) manages these standards, which are there to help protect you from potentially harmful ingredients and ensure that you can trust the products you buy to be safe to use.
October 2016
New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority sets rules that mean you can be
confident that the cosmetics and toiletries you buy will not harm you
But my products only have natural ingredients...
It’s important to note that even natural, plant based or organic cosmetics can have hazardous properties.
Safety of cosmetics
The cosmetic standard has an overall requirement that cosmetic products do not cause harm. Most cosmetic products made by reputable brands and sold by reputable suppliers comply with the rules. These products will have been tested for safety in other countries.
However, it’s possible that not all cosmetics that you find on sale in New Zealand stores will comply.

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