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Int. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res., 42(2), January - February 2017; Article No. 05, Pages: 21-24 ISSN 0976 – 044X
Research Article
Knowledge, Attitude and Perception towards Organic Based Cosmetic Formulation in the Multicultural, Civilized Society - A survey
1. Kalyani, 2. Dr. Vishnupriya, 3. Gayathri. R
1V, P, BDS II, 2 Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, 3Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals, Saveetha University, Chennai, India. *Corresponding author’s E-mail:
Received: 18-11-2016; Revised: 25-12-2016; Accepted: 14-01-2017.
The aim of the study is to survey the awareness among people on the usage of natural cosmetic products. Beauty has become a part and parcel of every person's life. The products used for maintaining one's beauty, be it natural or synthetic, has an impact on a person's health too. The study examines the knowledge and usage of natural cosmetics. Beauty is the essence of life and cosmetics are products which add to a person's beauty. The term cosmetic includes all those products which are concerned with skin care, hair care, and dental care. Though natural products were in use for beautifying a person, in this modern era, cosmetic products indicates
only the production and sale of synthetic cosmetics. However, in the recent times the influx of natural cosmetic products into markets has gained momentum. The purpose of this study is to determine the level of awareness among people regarding the use of synthetic cosmetics and also to compare their views on synthetic and natural cosmetic products. Based upon the study results, further awareness on natural cosmetic usage can be initiated if required.
Keywords: Cosmetic products, natural cosmetics, Multi-cultural.
Beauty is a part of aesthetics and cultural aspects of any social set up. With evolving times, the weightage given to ones beauty has increased manifolds and so are the cosmetic products used in maintaining a person's beauty. Though beauty and cosmetics were primarily attributed to a woman, the modern era witnesses the introduction of cosmetic products for men too. People have started taking the use of cosmetic products seriously. The use of cosmetics doesn't just stop with face care. It also extends to dental care, hair care and skin care. People actually perceive cosmetics as a synthetic product used in the process of beautifying a person. Inspite of reports indicating the allergies and side effects caused by synthetic products, it's market stays high. Common profitable beauty and cosmetic products frequently hold noxious and chemically-potent substances [1]. This is because many are unaware of the natural cosmetic products. The natural herbs and their products when used for their aromatic value in cosmetic preparation are termed as herbal cosmetics. The products used for maintaining one's beauty, be it natural or synthetic, has an impact on a person's health too. Natural cosmetic products cannot only be explained with the ingredients but also the production method has a great importance[3].
This necessitates to probe about the constituent ingredients and the method of production before buying natural cosmetics too. This survey analyses an individual’s
knowledge and perception towards natural based cosmetic products. Based on the results of the study further awareness can be created among the general population about the usage and effects of natural cosmetics.
The sample size of this study is 200. The study group consists of 129 female and 70 male participants of all age groups. The study was conducted in the city of Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India).This was a questionnaire based study. The survey questionnaire was prepared and administered through survey planet to all the participants.
Participants volunteered for the survey and completed the questionnaire link.
Results were statistically analyzed.
The questions basically analysed the different aspects of natural cosmetics like:
 Frequency of usage  Economicalaspect  Quality
 Market
 Shelflife
 Organiccontent  Safety
 Sideeffects
 Animal testing  Awareness
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research
Available online at
© Copyright protected. Unauthorised republication, reproduction, distribution, dissemination and copying of this document in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.

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